"Dr. Karsant is the best. After many years of pain and discomfort, and a fear of the dentist chair because of unhappy visits with my previous dentists, I finally made an appointment with Dr. Karsant. He changed my life. No more pain and no more fear. I have been a patient for many years now and I would highly recommend him. His staff is also great-warm, welcoming and efficient." - Janis Harrer, San Francisco, CA

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State of the Art

We provide each patient with the time they need for quality without compromised Dental Treatment, Children's Dentistry, General and Implant Dentistry for adults, Endodontic (Root Canal treatment), Oral Surgery including simple Extractions and fully impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal and Bone Grafting, Periodontics (Gum Treatment) and Oral Cancer Screenings, Cosmetic and Complex Restorative Dentistry, Partial and Full Denture treatment, Operative/Adhesive Dentistry (Bonded fillings and Bonding), Simple Crown and Bridge, to very complex screw retained full upper and lower Dentures.

We have a five year guarantee on all Crowns, Fillings, Bridge Work, Veneers, Root Canals and Implants. There is no cost to fix for the patient.

Kid Friendly

Children should have their first dental visit at the age of 2. At this visit we let the children play in the dental chair and count their teeth while they watch in a mirror and count with us.

We, like you, want a child’s dental experience to be a positive one. We use the T.S.D (“Tell Show Do”) method. We Tell children what we are going to do, we Show them in a mirror what we are going to do, then we Do the procedure while the children watch in a mirror. Children are encouraged to watch in the mirror if they wish to alleviate anxiety.

We further element anxiety by giving our instruments friendly terms. The handpiece is called a “ water whistle”, the suction is known as the “straw”, Anesthetic is “sleepy juice”, the explorer  is a “tooth feeler”, and a cavity is a “sugar bug house”. For a child’s first visit a stone model of their hand is made for them to have as a souvenir. They are also rewarded with a prize from the treasure chest for being a great patient and having a great visit.

Dr. Karsant has over 20 years of experience doing implants.

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